If you bid on any of our items on Ebay, you are more than welcome to come pick them up in person if you prefer.


We sell a wide variety of collector coins & bullion on E-BAY daily 


We are in the process of gearing up to re-open our Saturday retails sales, but it will take time to build inventory due to show's & conventions still being closed, in the meantime please see our on-line auctions on Ebay  (link above)

                                            WE ARE OPEN TO PURCHASE COINS, CURRENCY, GOLD & SILVER 

We do not keep an inventory of coins in the shop during weekdays. 

Each Saturday from 11 am to 2:30 pm, we have a fresh selection of coins, bullion & supplies for sale.

Its first come, first serve on our fresh new material, so its best to come early especially for silver. Many times we sell out of silver in first 30 minutes of opening!!!!